Thrasher's Personal Laboratory.
Last modified:2005/9/2

管理人(Site Master):Thrasher
いらっしゃい、こちらはThrasher's Personal Laboratoryです。
Welcome, this is Thrasher's Personal Laboratory.

このサイトはMicrosoft FrontPage2000や手書きで作成されています。文字コードはShiftJISで動作確認はMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5.5で行っています。
This site is maintained with Microsoft FrontPage2000 and by my hand. This site is written in ShiftJIS characters and confirmed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5.

I think any other browsers can show contents correctly, but IE is all I have and I don't know about others.

It might take very long time of this site to appear 'cause many cgi programs are set in this site.

Some pages are written in my poor English and if something wrong, please tell me.

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